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Monday, August 22nd 2016, 6:42pm

Hello From Halfway Aroud The World - We Are From Philippines


We from Philippines would like to help translating the website to tagalog/filipino language, but some in our local group doesn't have web designing skills, does one who wishes to participate in such activity is required to posses such skill or you guys will just give us the materials that needs to be translated and you'll be the one doing the upload to your servers?

Looking for your kind responses,

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Monday, August 22nd 2016, 11:41pm

Hello and welcome guys!

As far as I know you would only need to translate the materials, leaving the website integration to someone else.
At the moment I'm not sure if it's possible as the website is fairly recent and might still be not in a stable situation. I'll let someone more informed reply to that.


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Tuesday, August 23rd 2016, 11:03pm

Greetings Iris! And welcome to the family.

So I also saw your shoutbox post about wanting to translate the TVP website? So we are clear, although a noble endeavor, that is not what we do here. Instead, you may want to send an inquiry to and inquire there. If nothing else I think they would be happy to have you as a POC (Point of Contact).

What we DO do here is caption and translate videos FROM the Venus Project, and also from the Zeitgeist Movement. As no Filipino team currently exists, I think all that needs done is for @Ray: to set up a new Filipino link off the main page here , like the other language teams, you can be the new Filipino Team language coordinator, and then get started translating all the TVP vids you want!

Sincerely & Regards

David aka Mr_Z
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Saturday, August 27th 2016, 10:07pm

To be a bit clearer, LTI focuses on the transcriptions & translations of materials from both TVP & TZM, including text-based materials such as the TVP website contents.

It's very important to understand that translations of the TVP website, once completed, are then added directly to the TVP website, rather than used to create a competing translated website. In other words, you will not need any web development skills to see your hard work available for all other Tagalog speakers to enjoy. Everything will be made available right at I have added a Tagalog (Filipino) Team section here in the forum for your team to make themselves at home here. Please introduce yourselves to the world in the relevant board. ;)

Also, please check the shoutbox (where you first introduced yourself) for instructions on how to join the TVP website translation project I described above.
And please don't hesitate to PM me whenever you have any questions.

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