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Tuesday, September 27th 2016, 3:01pm

Brand new and ready

Im from california and my name is natalie
Im ready for pretty much anyhting that needsto be done so that humaity can live as it should, free and open andwithout the belief. that something after this life is wat to strive for. ive been trying to impliment the changes in Addendum, to go solar andlive offf te grid as I grew up like that, my father actually moved us to the mountains and we had a solarhouse with bckup generators and self sustainng gardens , annd life was great. i dont really know what to say on here or how to startthe change.

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Tuesday, September 27th 2016, 3:34pm

Greeting Natalie! And welcome to the family.

I've also got a solarhouse so to speak: it's my boat, with over half a kilowatt of solar capacity, which runs about everything. The only thing I really need my generator for is the A/C in summer. It's a very positive feeling living off the grid.

Anyway, here at LTI we "start the change" in little steps, every time we first caption and then translate an RBE/TVP/TZM video for worldwide distribution on the Internet. Assuming you are native English speaking only, you could help out in the English Dept with the 'front end" English captioning. The first-timers guidelines are here , and if you want to proceed after that, the backlog of Active projects is here . Let me know once you check it out, thx.


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