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Friday, April 7th 2017, 10:18pm

Hello World.

Dear readers; welcome and thank you.

My full name is Luca Roland Mašić Malečić Rašić, I have 2 names and 3 last names. One is from my father, another one is from my mothers side of a family and the last one is from my stepfather. I am 20 years old and I come from Croatia, Zagreb. My education: finished High School Futura here in the main city of Zagreb; with A++ grade in Computer Science and now I am studying IB at Rochester Insitute of Technology in Zagreb Campus. I have a few jobs and a lot of hobbies you can check my social networks;


I found out about The Venus Project and it's founder Jacque Fresco, around 7 months ago. My good friend told me about it cuz he saw the trailer on YouTube and he thought I might be interested. Because we discuss this crazy world all the time and how could we help it. After watching all videos about Venus Project and doing A LOT of research I KNEW IT, it's the only way out of this self-apocalyptic world that we live in at the moment. I also did a paper project about the whole Resource Based Economy for my college.

While growing up I had a nice time, but eventually, I grew up and found out that The World is not as you think. As previously said I come from Croatia, here people live happily and they are open minded (MOST PEOPLE I MET AND KNOW) I talk about the world, politics, environment and all "grown up" themes with my family and friends all the time. I used to ask a lot of questions; to teachers, family, friends and MYSELF. And thankfully for the Internet and it's way of communication I found most of the answers.

I had the plan of registering and writing this post for a long time, why? I don't know. But the thing is I know, that the situation on Planet Earth is not well, maybe that motivated me to write this.

I was reading today news on and there were 3 articles that blew my mind; 1st Russia is saying we are close to another war, because America used a "democracy" in Syria because Bashar al-Assad President of Syria used a CHEMICAL attack on civilians in Syria?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 2nd Terror that happened in Stockholm with more than 20+ casualties. 3rd President of Croatia Grabar Kitarovic visited Ireland. And Croatian workers that moved there to work and feed their families (CUZ we have not jobs in Croatia, but ofc we could have but... economy is bad? irony.) were yelling at her "She is acting patriotic, one hand on heart another in the pocket.

I am now motivated to help this community and this World to understand what we want to say and most importantly, what we wanna DO. There are so many things I feel that I have to do and help everyone, that I can't express and say, but I want to eventually.

My dream is to meet Jacque Fresco and talk to him. I feel like this is "my path". I have no idea why. It's like when a man gets a call from God and joins the church (I am Agnostic).
We need to change the situation that we live in! NOW.

p.s. I apologize for many possible grammar mistakes within this text, I was hyped.

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Sunday, April 9th 2017, 1:22am

Welcome, Luca!

You can write an introduction in the Croatian Section (…-croatian-team/) if you want to work on translating stuff. If the team lacks a coordinator you can ask Ray ( for help by sending him a PM.

Otherwise you can join the LTI Development Group. It focuses on automating tasks of the linguistic teams, among other software-related issues. The group resides in Skype. So, if you want to join, just send me your Skype handle.

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