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Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 4:11am

To whom it may concern

i don't know a better way of saying it so i will say it as simple as i can.

i have been rooting for the Venus Project from the first time i saw one of Mr.Fresco's videos on youtube because i heard a man that as me has seen that humanity is held back by it's own creation. That we are capable of good and bad but tend to the first when our needs are met.
Some years have passed and, i think there are slim chances that I am wrong, the funds for starting the project haven't really exploded with size worthy donations.

This is my opinion on the reason of why that happened and my offered solution.

Most of the public that is open to the idea of the type of society the Venus Project proposes are young people that are starting to see that the society their parents and teachers taught them about as working is being flawed. The young people are always the ones that spot the problems first but a young person's opinion is rarely taken into consideration even if it is a good one.
I consider young people are the key for building the Venus Project but the problem is they have time and energy but not the financial resources the implementation of the project needs.

This comes in regard to the fact that for becoming a learner for the Venus Project you have to buy the book collection.
As i said i consider that i am pretty much a base main public consumer of Venus Project materials and supporter of it's targets, and i am a 23 year old leaving in Cluj Napoca / Romania,working in a mall copy shop and struggling with the minimum wage pay of approximately 264 euros / 285 dolars of which half go to rent and about another quarter to taxes and food. That would leave about 60 dolars for spending every month. i realize that is more than many other people but it's puny.

On the other hand, in my opinion volunteers shouldn't pay for the creation of the Venus Project, but work for it once it starts. Living on the sites of the future first cities and learning to adapt to the new system becoming well adjusted adults in it. With food, shelter and education assured and the opportunity of building the future with their own hands they will florish.

The project's recognition by the UN is a big win, but it needs to also be the starting point of implementation. The mark of an international institution as the UN attests to the quality of the project's plans and now is time to look for strong allies that can support financially with the implementation of the project because collecting funds from people like me is gonna push the Venus Project far into the future and i think it would be nice if Jacque could see at last he first city with his own eyes.

For the funding though i have a bold but simple idea.

Use the visibility, use the transparency of the information era and the internet to publicly call rich people to help because systems are only changed without bloodshed by the rich and famous.
You will say that living on the good side of the system gives them no reason to fund changing it but these are also people that have children and loved ones that they care for and for whom they wish to live in a better and kinder social system. And if that is not the case the fact that rich and famous comes as a pack could be your way in.
In a monetary system capital and image are in my opinion intertwined. Big earners are supported by their fans.
So go for the ones that are saying they want to change the world. Bill Gates, Leonardo Di Caprio, Angelina Jolie, Elon Musk, people whose image an humanitarian apparent public images.
And go for them direct and as public, loud and visible as possible, on the internet,in the news papers, on their social media. Challenge their image for a donation.

They could really be interested in the future of mankind and so you win a powerful ally.

They could be frauds that paint that image to get the admiration of thousands and to keep that admiration they will have to pay.

So go for the funds from them and people like me will be in wait for your call to live free and build the future beside you with our sweat and tears, for a better tomorrow for mankind as a whole.

p.s.: i doubt ,even though i hope for it, that mr. Fresno will read this and hear my words but in case of the slim possibility that it happens:
Jacque i hope you take my advice so you and all of us can start working on the future faster because sometimes things need to be pushed to start rolling.

With gratitude to whomever got this far,
Herciu Nicolae Ioan.

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