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Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 12:09pm

Hello from Turin, Italy :)

Hi Everybody! :smiley:
My name is Daniela and I live near Turin , in the north west of Italy .
I already got in touch with the TVP POC here in Italy and he’s supporting me getting started –--> @FedericoLambrès: Thanks! :thumbsup:
I’m an ordinary person, there's nothing special to tell about me. Instead, I want to tell you this: I found out TVP in 2012 but I never really started to work: I was waiting for “better times”.
Then Jacque died...5 years in a blink! I realized that time goes by fast! As Roxanne Meadow reminded, “If you want a better world you have to work towards it. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.”
So here I am! and my message to the postponers is: don't do like I did. Your time is precious ;)
Thank you for the great work you are doing here, guys... see you around! :wave:
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Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 2:46pm

Hello Daniela and welcome to the LTI.
See you in the italian section :thumbsup:

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