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    [Pootle Typo - FIXED] Zeitgeist Broadcasting Network

    By Ray (Apr 13th 2019, 4:56am)


Announcements & important threads

[ Adjusted Since Initial Release ] TBTMCB (8th Edition now) "perpetual" Translate-a-Thon

By Ray (May 12th 2013, 12:48am)

33 32,742

By Ray

(Jun 6th 2017, 9:58am)

By brunodc (Jul 18th 2011, 6:05pm)

32 2,429

By lizardman

(Apr 5th 2013, 2:53pm)

[dotSUB Typo] Zeitgeist: Addendum

By Sue (Sep 14th 2011, 9:40pm)

31 1,913

By Christos Pap.

(Nov 4th 2014, 10:11pm)

By MarlysePi (Feb 1st 2015, 4:42pm)

1 459

By Mr_B

(Mar 22nd 2015, 2:54pm)

[Pootle Typo] TZM Defined

By brunodc (Dec 2nd 2012, 4:25am)

148 8,297

By ralle4

(Dec 30th 2015, 7:44pm)

By brunodc (Nov 15th 2011, 8:50am)

54 4,244

By Ana

(May 21st 2015, 2:01pm)

[Forum Issue] Fatal Error when posting

By Di Anna (Jan 29th 2015, 11:59pm)

1 527

By Ray

(Jan 30th 2015, 8:06am)

[Pootle Typo] Designing_The_Future.po

By Torch (May 15th 2012, 12:53pm)

9 537

By Torch

(May 15th 2012, 2:33pm)


By Laura (Dec 25th 2011, 11:30am)

0 128

No reply

[dotSUB Typo] Zeitgeist: the movie

By Mr_B (Nov 14th 2012, 1:27am)

6 471

By lizardman

(Sep 11th 2014, 7:27pm)

By Diana (Dec 17th 2011, 4:07pm)

1 135

By Mr_B

(Feb 9th 2012, 12:50am)

By Sue (Feb 8th 2013, 11:00am)

14 458

By lizardman

(Sep 14th 2014, 11:42pm)

By Sue (Jul 23rd 2011, 7:14pm)

3 344

By Ray

(Jan 7th 2016, 10:05pm)

By ThorHusby (Apr 9th 2015, 6:37pm)

1 369

By brunodc

(Apr 9th 2015, 9:04pm)

[Typo in Finished Item] Zeitgeist Addendum

By Aldi96 (Jun 9th 2015, 4:02pm)

1 1,276

By Mr_B

(Jun 13th 2015, 6:54pm)

By kassy (Apr 20th 2013, 3:30pm)

7 182

By lizardman

(Sep 8th 2014, 2:53am)

By kassy (Apr 5th 2013, 12:22am)

6 168

By lizardman

(Sep 7th 2014, 3:59pm)

By nomada (Mar 26th 2013, 10:02pm)

6 202

By lizardman

(Sep 8th 2014, 2:34am)

[dotSUB Typo] Work Sucks

By IsmaRod (Apr 27th 2013, 1:27am)

7 374

By Mr_B

(Dec 13th 2014, 12:27am)

[dotSUB Typo] Why don't you change?

By Sue (Feb 23rd 2012, 6:52pm)

7 594

By Mr_B

(Mar 23rd 2013, 5:00pm)

[dotSUB Typo] Who is Jacque Fresco?

By ossi11111 (Jul 19th 2015, 7:55pm)

1 2,501

By Mr_B

(Sep 18th 2015, 2:06am)

By yv6eda (May 12th 2012, 9:33am)

2 83

By nomada

(Mar 28th 2013, 5:02pm)

[dotSUB Typo] Where are we now?

By sydstf (Sep 10th 2012, 4:54am)

7 154

By nomada

(Apr 9th 2013, 10:23pm)

[dotSUB Typo] Where Are We Now?

By Maarika (Jul 17th 2011, 2:45pm)

17 433

By alberez

(Jul 9th 2012, 7:53pm)

[dotSUB Typo] Where are We Going?

By John (Nov 17th 2011, 4:50pm)

9 189

By lizardman

(Sep 15th 2014, 12:33am)

By lllCockroachlll (Oct 8th 2012, 1:35am)

13 457

By lizardman

(Sep 14th 2014, 3:40am)

By kton36369 (Jun 19th 2018, 6:01pm)

1 106

By Ray

(Jun 24th 2018, 12:25am)

By MarlysePi (Mar 1st 2015, 1:55pm)

1 288

By Mr_B

(Apr 5th 2015, 1:25pm)

By MarlysePi (Feb 25th 2015, 1:02pm)

0 378

No reply

By Di Anna (Jun 5th 2012, 3:07pm)

11 178

By lizardman

(Apr 6th 2013, 5:29pm)

[Typo in Finished Item] TVP Website. Essay

By Sue (Feb 15th 2014, 11:48am)

5 162

By lizardman

(Sep 14th 2014, 3:08am)

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