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Wednesday, October 1st 2014, 11:27pm

Oookay, revised file has been pushed to WL and RL.

Languages that have translations as of the time of this revision of the English transcription:
In the Working Location ( ): Arabic[79%] , Bulgarian[99%] , Czech[100%] , English[100%] , Finnish[100%] , French (France)[100%] , Italian[100%] , Portuguese (Brazil)[100%] , Portuguese (Portugal)[100%] , Serbian[24%] , Spanish[100%] , Spanish (Latin America)[32%] , Turkish[100%]

In the Repository Location ( ): Bulgarian[99%] , Czech[100%] , English[100%] , French (France)[100%] , Portuguese (Brazil)[100%] , Portuguese (Portugal)[100%]

These languages would need to check their translations to see if they correspond to the revised English original. If changes in the translation are required, then simply apply them in the WL. If your language is in the Repository, you would need to also make a ToDo, so that the translation in the Repository can be replaced with the one in the WL. (Note: these detailed instructions may become outdated in the future. Post in this thread if you are unsure what to do to get your revised translation in the 'official' channels.)

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