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Wednesday, February 25th 2015, 1:02pm

TZM Defined - Double string in English version (French translation)

At location…e/#unit=1184623

there is a double string in the English text. Please remove the SECOND ONE (including its French translation).

Paragraph reads:
Recognizing our intellectual evolution, as a process with no end and
being open to new information to help better align ourselves for
sustainable practices, is clearly a core ethic needed both on the
personal and social level if we expect to keep <em>adapting</em>
for the better in the context of cultural evolution. Sadly, there are
powerful cultural forces that work against this interest in the world
today. Structures, both ideological and <em>encoded</em> in the current social infrastructure<sup><a class="sdfootnoteanc" name="sdfootnote8anc" HREF="#sdfootnote8sym"><sup>8</sup></a></sup>
actively work against this critical necessity of cultural adaption. An
analogy would be the starvation of our biological cells by removing
oxygen from the environment – only in this case we are restricting our vulnerability to <em>learn and adapt</em>, with <em>knowledge</em> being the “oxygen” by which we as a species are able to solve problems and continue progress.

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