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Tuesday, June 19th 2018, 6:01pm

TZM Defined, traditional chinese section, content messed up

In Traditional chinese, TZM Defined, tzmd_1-1.po.

I was submitting the 3rd string counting backward from last one. The system thought I'd finished my translation for the section(tamd 1-1po). It showed the message box telling me that I'm done and wanted me to return to the overview page but in fact there were still last two strings remaining to translate. So I closed the message box and hit submit again because whenever the message box shows up it doesn't jump to next untranslated string. So the box showed up again, then I closed it again, clicked on the next string directly then the page went like a little animation indicating it's processing something but no it won't finish. So I return to the main page this time hoping nothing bad would happen. But it still happened.

the 2nd string counting from backward is the same as the 3rd now.

If I can figure out how to trigger the system to think that I have finished any section for whatever string I submit, I can probably mess up pretty much all content.
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Sunday, June 24th 2018, 12:25am

Interesting! It appears that you've discovered a bug in the program.

I'll investigate and get back to you with whatever I find, but we may find that it no longer happens in the upgraded Pootle that we're nearly ready to construct.
Thank you very much for reporting this oddity, Eric Jo! :loveya:
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