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Monday, June 20th 2011, 9:50am

I keep hearing about timeshifting, or timestamp adjusting, what is that ?

Timeshifing refers to the process that allows us to synchronize the display of subtitles with the speaker's voice. Timestamp adjusting allows for the following :

- A more fluent read in English, as we strive to leave enough time for the average reader to absorb our materials
- Better readability once the original transcription is translated, as every language team starts translating from the English transcription, with those fixed timestamps. Part of the timeshifting process involves making sure that enough space is left for translators to convey the same meaning in their language while obtaining a transcript that is accessible.

In other words, we are trying to strike a compromise that allows for the materials to be accessible in any language with a minimum amount of effort, by automating as many processes as we can. dotSUB is a great tool in that regard !
If you take a step back and take a broader look at the activities of Linguistic Team International, you'll notice that we're trying to apply a global systems approach to everything we do, which means that we're always trying to consider ourselves as part of a whole. As a consequence, we strive to design tools that work universally, as we know that this is the fastest and most efficient way to carry out our tasks globally and to allow for anyone to participate in this "world family".

I found that this approach allows us to regain our identity as human beings, rather than to be subjugated to a peer group such as the company we work for, a religious community or our respective countries, that we'd be inclined to follow blindly because of our conditioning.

Anyway, sorry for that tangent, now back to the timeshifting process :
we use the work string to refer to each subtitle line. We have built a set of guidelines, in order work uniformly throughout all the video media that we transcribe and produce the highest quality materials that we're capable of, bearing in mind that we're not captioning professionals.

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Sunday, July 10th 2011, 12:18pm

Author Answered.

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