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Friday, October 12th 2012, 2:18pm


Here is a list of links that you might find useful:

To join or make contact with a language team
If a Language Team you wish to join does not yet exist, post your desire to start (and perhaps coordinate) one:

Text-based focus:
Our main tool for translating text materials (Pootle):
Current list of Pootle projects
Please do not select English Proofreading or French Chapter unless you are a member of that language team. Also, do not select Terminology. These three are non-translatable.

Video-based focus:
Our main tool for translating video materials (dotSUB)
A list of videos currently being processed by the teams (we call them "working locations" and the links should NEVER be passed out to the public):

A list of locations where we can find finished translations of the videos the teams worked on (we call it the repository and these are very much meant for public use & distribution)

LTI Guidelines for transcribing & proofreading

Priority List:
A list of materials whose translation takes priority over all other contents within our care:

Progress Reports:
A google site provided for all language teams to publish & maintain progress reports that are used to inform the rest of the community about advancements within each linguistic team:

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