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Sunday, October 27th 2013, 5:36pm

How to get a translated file from Pootle, with the original layout?

My question is about getting a translated file from pootle and maintaining it's original fonts, design ect. I thought that one of Pootles advantages was the fact that you can translate a text and not worry about the desing or finding the same font as the original verion has and so on. How can I get the file with the original layout, or is it even possible?

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Monday, October 28th 2013, 12:07am

Pootle strips out most of that stuff during the initial conversion from its original format into what you see on the front-end of Pootle (what you translate), but all of that important formatting & layout info is retained in the back-end of Pootle. At the end of a project, Pootle converts the translation back into its original format, including all of the formatting & layout information that was moved out of the way of the translators. In other words, Pootle tries to keep as much of the non-translatable information as possible out of the way of your translation, but it does not forget where that information goes when the translation is complete.

When a project is declared as complete by their language team, the coordinator of that team creates a ToDo within the forum to alert the Pootle admins (Lizardman & myself). We then instruct Pootle to convert that project back into its original format to make it available for global distribution. In some cases (such as PDF file creation), additional steps are needed to complete the process.

Does this fully answer your question, Tee?
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