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Thursday, January 30th 2014, 2:10am

Awesome, we sure won't give up! :kewl:

I was thinking about it and concluded that, based on your sugestions as well, the most effective form of possibly getting it is about direct contact with people from this area.

So I talked to a TVP suporter and friend that talke to a girl. Then I talked to her, explained what I could (actually i copied and pasted some infos about it that you have told me lol) about our issue, and she agreed about go on in the problem, as long as she doesn't have pressure with deadlines, or something like it.

She said she is going to email you by tomorrow. Her name is Andressa, and I told that yours is Lizardman lol

So tell me when you have some news, and I will keep looking for other people too.


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Tuesday, February 4th 2014, 12:47am

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten an email from her.

But you are doing exactly what is needed, and if you don't give up, I know there will be results eventually. :)

And it's great that we are having this teamwork between the various fields - social media outreach (advertising), technical support, translations... Everybody helps with their specialty.

BTW, my name is Borislav. :D

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