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Thursday, September 24th 2015, 1:36pm

Status of the german TVP Website translations

I would like to clear in this post misunderstandings and gain an understanding of what is going on with the german-translation of the official TVP-Website.

Torch was made responsible for the translations of the german tvp-website in pootle. In pootle little progress according the german website can be seen. Maybe someone can comment on this.

The TVP-Website appears (to me) accessible in:
- Bulgarian
- French
- Portuguese
- Russian and Spanish

Given the files that are currently uploaded to Pootle the progress of the german text is:

In this post the most important "core elements" (as far as I understand it) were outlined:

Of the Acute Priority elements in pootle these were:
The Venus Project - 100% complete in german
Resource Based Economy - 100% complete in german
Aim and Proposals - 100%, 3 strings with proposals
FAQ - 99% complete, 4 strings with proposals / "Needs work" (In one string Torch suggests giving the question back for review)
Interview - 100% complete, 2 proposals
Resume - 100% complete
Roxanne Meadows - 100% complete

These are, according to the forum post, the most sensitive and should be "fully proofread and quickly get them up on the site."
Looking into Pootle all others are also completed, except the lecture-series and the point of contact list.

According to my knowledge, Lizardmen sent files with the newer versions.

We put these files in seperate Pads for Video-Translations, which would add an additional layer of complexity: [official] Einpflegen der deutschen Texte in die TVP-Webseite

We were able to translate the missing sentences in the faq-pad:
and would have now proofread them, but are unsure whether or not that makes sense.

I compared the newer FAQ File in the Pad with the files in pootle and found that they do not match. At least everything that is colored in the pad does not match with pootle. The same mismatches were seen as I put the translations into html-tags:…KmQAyg5LVU/edit

I assume these are the changes to the FAQ and they weren't uploaded to pootle.

The largest mismatch seems to be the added questions number 107 and 108.

Ray told it makes no sense to bring pootle up to date until more adjustments to the site have been made.

Would it make sense to work on what was already completed in pootle and correct the last strings and then upload them to the main website?
Maybe we should proofread the mismatches in the pads and then upload that into pootle?

What are the other issues that prevent the main website from going online with german translations?
What are the steps necessary to resolve these issues?

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Thursday, September 24th 2015, 2:37pm

(Note: I moved the thread in a different forum section because the questions are not specific to the German team. They apply to all teams.)

I will try to explain the workflow. If something does not make sense, please ask further questions here.

The translation of TVP's website starts its life in Pootle. After it is finished and ready to be uploaded, the translation is exported out of Pootle and uploaded on the website.

When a translation is exported out of Pootle, the version that remains in Pootle should be considered obsolete. This is because the exported translation gets modified and improved. The exported translation becomes the latest version, while the Pootle version becomes obsolete.

The German translation was exported out of Pootle some time ago. And it was uploaded to the website previously. Due to certain technical reasons (which I will not go into in order to avoid further confusion), all the translations were removed from the website and they had to be uploaded again. The German translation has not been uploaded yet.

So where are those exported translations? Some of them are uploaded on the current website. The rest are in a google drive folder. If your translations of the TVP website have been exported, that is where you can search for the latest versions. (In the case of the German team, I have no idea whether someone took the translations from the google drive folder and put them in pads. I don't know how the translations got into those pads. So I can't answer if the text in the pads is a later version than the one in google drive. This needs to be checked with the person who created the pads, or you can compare pads vs google drive to determine which is the latest version.)

So what to do now?

As some people know, currently the TVP website is being completely rebuilt. The new website will have a translation system which will allow language teams to upload the exported translations onto the website. For this reason, I do not recommend to language teams to upload the exported translations on the website right now. I recommend that they wait until the new website is released (my estimation is October), and then until we put the translation system in place. I recommend this because when we switch to the new website, the translations will be gone, so the time you spend on uploading the translations might be better spent not on the activity of uploading, but on the activity of translating or proofreading.

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