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Thursday, July 5th 2018, 10:19am

Withdrawal from the Coordinator Post

Dear to translators,

Is there a way for a language coordinator to submit his quitting? I cannot fill this post anymore, and I'd like people to know it because there may be some new members who would like to take over.


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Monday, July 9th 2018, 8:07am

Hi Christos,
First I would like to personally thank the hell out of you for all that you have done for the Greek Team, and LTI overall, over the years. I hope the journey you are on is truly fulfilling, and I deeply appreciate you more than you could know, brother! :rose:

There are two things a Language Team Coordinator should do when the need arises to step down.

The first is to make me aware, so that I can begin preparing everything for your eventual successor. For example, I need full access to any/all existing team resources, such as the team's YouTube channel, Facebook Page/Group, Twitter account, etc. in order to pass them along to the next coordinator. I also need access to any progress reports or similar (even if incomplete), so the next instance of the team will more easily be able to see what has been completed/released, started but not yet finalized, etc..

The second is more of a strong suggestion to announce your need to step down right inside the Greek Team section of the forum (the Announcements board seems like a good candidate), where most prospective successors will likely be looking to see how the team is progressing, what the team might need in specific skill sets, etc..

And if you need me for anything, I am at your service, old friend! :loveya:
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