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Saturday, June 25th 2011, 12:54pm


This word is used in some of our materials. It is used as a substitute for 'love', which is more of a static word. The basic idea is that people can be extensions to one another.

First lets better understand the meaning of the word.

Jacque explains what extensionality is in this video:

An excerpt from The Best That Money Can't Buy:



For centuries “love” has been a dominant word in our vocabulary. The definition varies so much today that the word has become almost meaningless. Love is subject to many different interpretations, most of them irrelevant to the behaviour associated with it. Perhaps the word “love” may one day be redefined in more relevant terms, such as our being extensional to one another. What is being extensional? Our arms and hands enable us to pick up and rotate objects, and to view them from many different positions. Our arms and hands are extensional along with our eyes, ears, nose and the rest of our physical body.

When a Single individual builds a log, cabin, it may take a long time to complete. With the help of several neighbours, the job can be completed in a short amount of time. The neighbours become extensional to this individual. The same is true of an entire community that acts in a supportive manner towards each another.

In the physical sciences, a structural engineer must work with a metallurgist to improve the strength and quality of structural materials. The two and their skills, their teamwork, are genuinely extensional. The physical sciences are the closet approach to genuine extensionality. Rather than being directed at a single individual, genuine extensionality serves all people equally. For instance, when contaminated water is purified, it benefits any person who uses the process. Vaccinating children to prevent disease is not only extensional to the individual, but also to almost everyone else with whom they are in contact. Identifying conditions responsible for a disease is extensional
and beneficial to all people regardless of their personal values and philosophy.

When different nations share technology intelligently, it is extensional to all people regardless if independent beliefs and national interests. Corporate systems, however, chiefly benefit owners and shareholders. When inventions serve of all people, they will truly be extensional.

Knowing the difference between governments and people who merely verbalize good intentions, as distinct from those who display actual extensionality, is essential to advancing civilization both physically and intellectually.

When a bank lends money to an individual, there is a benefit but it comes at a cost called debt and obligation. Genuine extensionality does not exact a toll. Extensionality at its most basic is an act of kindness one does without debt being incurred by the other person.
The more people become extensional to one another, the richer the civilization and the interaction between individuals become. In the future instead of asking, “Do I love this person?” one might identify the specific areas of extensionality that one shares with them.

I'd like to add that in science there is this understanding that the various tools, machinery and equipment are actually extensions to our senses. When I look through a telescope, it extends my natural visional capabilities. Just like an infrared camera allows me to see beyond the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, thus extending my senses.

After having understanding of the word, we can think about how it can be translated. This word is actually a term used in logic and mathematics ( ). Terms are usually transcribed or transliterated from the original language, so I would advice every language team to check out what the actual term is in their language.

Of course, using the term wouldn't enable people to understand the meaning of the word (which would be very unextensional :P). So maybe the way to go about this is to put a translator's note (if you're translating a text). We could even put together a simple definition for all teams to use and post it here.

What do you guys think?

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Monday, July 11th 2011, 12:08pm

Oh, we had a great fun and a huge headache trying to translate this into Russian. ;)

I remember we decided not to use the technical term "Extensionality" as it would bring a lot of confusion. As the term doesn't really exist in connection with social communications, but JF is intentionally bringing “the application of the scientific method for social concern”, we came up with:

гармоничные межличностные отношения - "harmonious interpersonal relations/relationship" in the following context:

"What do we value in life? While there are many broad opinions in this regard, most people would prefer that they have: clean air and water, nutritious food, material abundance, fast clean and efficient transportation, a relevant education, public health care, the end of war, an environment that enables us to constantly improve our abilities, human extensionality, reduced stress and reduced crime."
(c) Activist Orientation Presentation, Part 2 - The means for social evolution

That, of course, might not reflect the full meaning, but we couldn't think of any better at that moment.

Wonder what other teams used instead or a simple transliteration? ?(

Thanks for bringing up this topic as it is a toughy! :rolleyes:

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Monday, July 11th 2011, 12:37pm

This topic brought up to me the concern that many translators might underestimate the importance of the meaning of such important concepts and constructs by changing it slightly to something more generally understood. These concepts had many years of research, and their importance in terms of approaching the way that humanity thinks to the way nature really works is at the core of reaching the understandings of what a Resource Based Economy is.

Taking that in account, if people might not understand the term "Extensionality" (looks like the forum dictionary dont recognise it neither ^^ ) in whatever domains it can be used (human relations and interaction, technology, etc), maybe what is needed is not to turn it around to a simpler form but to translate the documents that clarify it and make them as vulgar as possible in the internet or even linked to the documents where the term was used.

Do you think we could develop these concepts and descriptions on wikipedia and have them reviewed by more qualified people, and later linked to the descriptions of our videos or so?

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Monday, July 11th 2011, 6:05pm

Yeah Rod, I think it's a great idea. We would need competent people to get those articles started and then get the specialists about those subjects to come in and improve them. A lot of brainpower required !

It's all about edumacation, in the end...

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Friday, September 2nd 2011, 3:49pm

OK, I tried to create a short definition. I think a definition is very necessary for the text materials that we have, as they will also be printed and not everyone would bother to check online sources for an explanation of the word. If we can have Jacque approve a definition that we come up with, that'll be great.

I'm not a native English speaker, but here goes:

"Extensionality" is a word Jacque Fresco has used as a replacement for "love", the latter being used vaguely and largely interpreted. To be extensional to someone is to be conducive or contributive to their endeavours or aspirations. Just as one's hands, ears and legs are extensional to the self and the glasses we use are extensional to our vision, so can other people be to us. To be extensional to someone is to extend (widen) their possibilities, senses and knowledge, to extend themselves.

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Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 1:44pm

It's not something that we can 'extend' to these forums, but I've installed a couple of things in the upcoming LingTeam website that will allow us to project these concepts much farther than this thread.

First, there is the Multi-Language LTI Glossary, which will contain ALL of the terms & phrases that give ANY of our Language Teams pause. Simply having all of these concepts and their expanded definitions and synonyms across all languages in one place will make it near-infinitely easier for all teams to arrive at better solutions for how to handle them in their translation efforts. :thumbup:

Then, I've also added a function that automagically links each of these terms & phrases to the glossaries, regardless of language, wherever they are found throughout the site. So, if one of the terms is in an article published somewhere on the site, that term is made to look like a link. When the person hovers over it, the definition appears in a tool-tip. If they click on that link, they are taken to the proper language glossary where they can learn everythign we've included for it. :thumbsup:

It's not as extensive as the custom Multi-Lang Glossary I'm looking to develop and open source to the world later, but it sure will help to bring the glossary info together with our 'live' articles and such. :D
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Sunday, September 4th 2011, 11:18pm

Yeah, Ray, that would be wonderful and very appreciated by all language teams, I am sure. The thing here is that I need a translated definition of the word, to put it into the finished Activist Orientation Guide pdf and then share the whole thing as much as humanly possible :D (perhaps with a note that the info about TVP and TZM is dated). Everyone who doesn't speak English would need a translated definition. Thus, the need for establishing an English definition first.

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Sunday, November 13th 2011, 11:59pm

Extentionality? :ummm: Hey, can't ya feel it? :hey: Well, surely here in the LTI! Goooo, Lizzie, a very good add to the glossary and nice definition too. :thumbup: I added the part of speech (noun) :ahaha: ) and I added a few synonyms as well. Ray, I love things that work automagically . :suspicious: Can't wait to see the magic! :star:

What a team! 8o
:roe: Love AND extentionality to all!
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Wednesday, November 16th 2011, 6:42am

Lol, "automagically", I love it!
VP hugs Di

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