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Friday, February 8th 2013, 10:27am

Food metaphors of human beings- sausage, cookie, top banana


I am doing a survey on food metaphors related to people in the English
language - the number of them, motivations governing their creation and
evaluative form - more pejorative or ameliorative.

What I have managed to found so far are:

sausage- silly person

prune- a disagreeable person

apple polisher- someone who takes your ideas and claims they are his or her own

cookie-woman, attractive girl

peach- a very nice person

top banana-boss

sharp cookie-a person who is not easily deceived

rotten apple- a bad member of a group

It would be kind if you coulld add some of nice expressions for people originating from food.




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Friday, February 8th 2013, 3:48pm

Hey, Diana
Wow... that's interesting! Funny, too! :ahaha: I guess we who are so 'native' to the language take these things for granted.

I'm wondering if you discovered any of these metaphors in the materials we are transcribing and translating. The Glossary that is being complied here is specific to the materials we're sending out to the World, so if you find these metaphors in any of the videos, please post where they are and we'll get them into the Global Glossary. Hahaha... a few of these do sound a bit like what I hear in Jacque's stories. ;)

((BIG hugs)),
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