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Thursday, October 30th 2014, 1:16am

"Beyond Money, Politics & War" in ROW 27 should it be "Beyond Politics, Poverty and War"?

Hi there

I found the string

"Beyond Money, Politics & War" in ROW 27

If this title refers to the slogan under THE VENUS PROJECT logo, it should be "Beyond Politics, Poverty and War". Isn't it?

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Thursday, February 12th 2015, 3:29pm

Hi Benaiten! SO SORRY, I just noticed this!

Yes, absolutely it should be spelled out "Beyond Poverty, Politics and War" for two reasons: first, that is its proper spelling as per TVP (as you point out) and second, it's best to spell out words in general and avoid symbols such as "&" because they may not translate well (if at all) and in the case of our repository system dotsub, it won't even accept such symbols.

So- Good Catch!
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