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Monday, November 5th 2012, 10:42am

Translation Suggdiestion: Spirit of the Times

Spirit of the Times ( or SOTT ) is a Australian wide professional edited and designed, free sustainability orientated magazine produced by TZMau.

We release the mag each 2 months regularly for 1+ year now, packed with up to 60 pages of articles! We are reaching up to 5000+ downloads per magazine, and just recently we started distributing hardcopies of the magazine in a5 and a4 formats for $35 per year subscription. We just started and have around 10 subscribers :D but we should be reaching around a 50 to a 100 maybe by the end of this year.

It would be awesome if the issues/articles would be translated or at least if the latest article from Myth-busting issue 8 could be considered - Debunking The Venus Project. We could then distribute the magazines overseas and give chapters an opportunity to easily spread awareness about RBE and matters that threaten and help our human species.…issue-8-is-out/
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Sunday, November 18th 2012, 7:56pm

I'm certainly not going to encourage people to translate that article. There are some some misconceptions about open sourcing (which TVP never promised) etc.

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