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Thursday, August 18th 2011, 10:26pm

"It's Time to Change / We Have a Plan" Series

Hi there,
I was suggested to put my videos here so more people can translate it.
So, the videos on dotsub are here:
My youtube channel is this one:

I was also told that many of the translations already made to the videos are not that good, so if someone could do that, it would be great. The portuguese one i'm pretty sure it's ok, but in any case, feel free to do it ;)

When you finish any translation or proofreading, just tell me throw this thread and i'll update in youtube.

Thank you!

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Tuesday, February 21st 2012, 3:07pm

Just a little heads up, to tell everybody that the "It's time to change" series will be closed for translation until we fix the timestamps in English. The existing translations have been save and are downloadable within their respective threads in these forums:

The timestamps will be changed, which means translations can't be reimported as they are now. They will need adjustments, which you can do with Georgy's Refragment tool (More information here on how to use this tool)

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