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Monday, August 12th 2013, 8:32pm

Zeitgeist Moving Forward - translation questions

I am not sure if this is the right place for these questions, but I will just shoot them. While doing the final proofreading of Zeitgeist: Moving Foward, I realised I wasn't sure about the meaning of some phrases. Can someone please break them down for me? I will try to describe the context in square brackets so, hopefully, you won't have to watch the whole relevant clip (see link below). I really need your help so that the greek team can finally finish ZMF! Thank you (so really much) in advance!


1) 0:50:13 - money sequence [PJ talks about economic terms and he states that they do not represent the well-being of people but just the money sequence]

2) 01:05:16 - get down to token exchanges that are true to profit [Rupert talks about economists, who are really no economists at all and are completely decoupled from the physical world of production]

3) 1:07:38 - life co-ordinates [McMurtry talks about economic doctrines' lack of life "elements"?]

4) 1:15:40 - they front-run all the trades [Keiser talks about how Goldman Sachs managed to win everyday in the stock market via a computer]

5) 1:15:43 - hits the exchange with volumes of orders [Keiser talks about how Goldman Sachs managed to win everyday in the stock market via a computer]

6) 1:38:06 - interchangeable [about how a product's components would be in an RBE so as to avoid waste by throwing out the whole product]

7) 2:28:58 - train wreck ["Peak Oil is just one of the many surfacing consequences of the environmental-social train wreck gaining speed today"]

8 ) 2:37:17 - cause it's time is time in time with your time and its news is captured [lyrics from the song in the end - What the time does that mean????? :)]
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Tuesday, August 13th 2013, 6:53pm

Hi Chris,

I just moved your post in this section since this is the place to ask translation questions.

For money sequence of value and life coordinates (1 and 3 in your list), you can check the English Glossary and also this thread.

About point 6 (interchangeable), I think Peter means that you don't have different models of fans for your computer's processor, for example, so you could easily change it with any fan. Not like now where we have every brand with its own model and standards for almost every product, so if you have a broken part, you are limited to parts that fit in those standards. I hope this illustrates the point.

These are the points I can share something about.

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