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Monday, February 17th 2014, 9:46pm

Jacque Fresco: The Mechanistic Point of View - translation problems

Hallo people, need your help again:

00:38.073 Instinct is a dead word, noise.

Does "dead word" has a particular meagning? Or can I just translate it as "empty word"?


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Tuesday, February 18th 2014, 11:22am

Here's what answers were given on the skype group:

Ray: 'Empty word' seems like a very good description to me, but I'd like to see what others feel about it, too.

Di Anna: In calling 'instinct a dead word', Jacque would be inferring that 'instinct' is non-existent. It is 'noise' because it has no substance. In other words, there is no such thing as 'instinct'.

I tend to agree - 'dead word' to me means a word that does not explain anything. You can call something an 'instinct', but that doesn't give you any information about it.

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Thursday, August 20th 2015, 7:41am

Hi... I would go for "void word" .....
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