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Wednesday, March 16th 2016, 4:05pm

It's time to change: Education - translation problems

This is part of our chat with Ray, which I think will be helpful for other translators.

00:02:40,883 --> 00:02:54,429
"This person is bad." What the hell does that tell you? Nothing.
Means that they didn't like something he did. If your mother says
"You're a Catholic. You don't play with that Lutheran girl."
They start poisoning the well...

What is the meaning of "They start poisoning the well..."?

Answer: In this context, "the well" refers to the way that any individual views (thinks about) and responds to the world.
The phrase 'poisoning the well' is somewhat common, but it used to describe a lot of different types of situations. It's not specific to poisoning someone's mind with junk like this. It can be translated bad programming, bad conditioning, etc..

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