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Wednesday, March 16th 2016, 4:15pm

Jacque Fresco - Earth 2.0 - translation problems

This is part of our chat with Ray, which I think will be helpful for other translators.

00:02:58,250 --> 00:03:07,750
If you wanted a congressman to act in your behalf
you put up a certain amount of money to help him get elected
and you owe that person a favor.

"and you owe that person a favor". I would say if I leave it like that it's going to be confusing. You owe a favor to the person that helped you get elected. So I guess it would be better to say "so they owe you a favor".

Answer: Right. Jacque often bounces between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. "If you wanted a congressman to act in your behalf". The proper phrasing is " on your behalf".

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