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Monday, March 28th 2016, 6:51pm

Jacque Fresco - Language in Transition, Research, Animal Testing, Energy Comparison - Oct 25, 2011 - translation problems

00:00:18,000 --> 00:00:21,541
We don't consider people abnormal.

Can you give me an appropiate synonym for "abnormal"?

00:09:18,330 --> 00:09:25,900
If you standardize
windows and everything else in the mid-buildings
the cost is less

What is the meaning of "mid-buildings"?

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Saturday, May 7th 2016, 10:54pm

Synonyms for abnormal: atypical, unusual, irregular. Something deviating from consensus-based perception. Anything not accepted as valid or not following an accepted standard. Cars with five wheels would be considered abnormal, and producing such cars would be abnormal.

This is pure speculation: Mid-buildings could be the what is left if you remove basement and roof from skyscrapers. Or it could be the tall buildings between the center and periphery of a circular TVP city. The ones usually designated to be educational facilities.

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