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Friday, August 16th 2019, 1:20pm

A phrase in Culture in Decline "Tale of Two Worlds"

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me explain what the phrase "Fun Sack" means? This phrase is from the sixth episode of Culture in Decline "Tale of Two Worlds".

Thank you very much in advance. Please see the attached file.
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Sunday, August 18th 2019, 9:05am

Below is a copy of the discussion that we had in Skype about this question:

(Ray) While watching the very end of the "Game Show" section, notice that the losing contestants are given a (burlap?) "Fun Sack" to wrap around them. It seems the idea is that they will be shipped in those sacks to their punishment destinations for losing the game.

(Lin) Thank you both very much for your help. So do you think the word "sack" literally means "a bag"? My friend said it may also means "plunder" because "sack" also has this meaning. How do you think?

(Ray) Your friend is also correct in a way. The title of the Game Show is intended as a 'play on words', where it implies multiple things. The word 'sack' is also used in the English phrase "sad sack", which denotes someone who can't do anything right (e.g. "He is such a sad sack.").So the primary meaning is the physical 'sack' that is part of the punishment. However, the other meanings are also implied.This sense of 'dual-meaning' terms/phrases is lost-in-translation for most, if not all, non-English languages. When in doubt, always go with translating the primary meaning of such terms/phrases.

(Lin) Ok, thank you very much for your suggestion and guidance. I'll try to combine both the primary meaning and the hidden meaning together to see if I can come up with a proper expression.
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