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1. Welcome !

Did you know... ?

If you come across a word or phrase that is not obvious in meaning (either you don't know the term/phrase,
or you feel it may be difficult for someone new to the RBE concept to understand fully without help),
please post it in the Glossary section of the forum so it can be added to the master glossary used by all teams.

1. Welcome !

Welcome to the help section of the Linguistic Team International Forums !!

Here's a list of tools that you'll be able to use in this platform :


The shoutbox is meant to be used as a way to post reminders that could be useful to all the linguistic teams across the forum, along with the best place for teams and individual members to get quick assistance in translating difficult terms or phrases as they come up. For this to work, members are encouraged to get into the habit of checking the shoutbox from time to time to see if anyone needs a hand with anything.


As in any forum software, the forum member's main activity will revolve around creating new threads and replying to existing ones. Here's a quick overview of the editing tools that are available as you prepare your next reply: You can also attach files to your posts, and even start polls !!!


The calendar is meant to help you to keep track of all events related to the linguistic team. You don't need to worry about international times, the timezone is automatically set to your own !

Most of the calendar information will be related to the following :
  • Linguistic Team International TeamSpeak meetings,
  • Linguistic Team TeamSpeak meetings taking place for each language,
  • Punctual events, such as task-related meetings (proofreading sessions for example).

In order for the Calendar to auto-convert meeting times properly, you must first go into your account settings and properly set your local time zone. In addition to the above, it also lists upcoming birthdays of all members who have that feature enabled within their settings. ;)


Allows us to keep track of the completed translation projects that are ready to be added to the repository locations. But it can be used to announce the need to accomplish other tasks also.
As an example, when your language team have fully proofread one more video, create a ToDo with:
Title: [Title of the video] - [your language team] - [request] (ex: 300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds - Portuguese_Bazil - to Repository)
Content: additional info; the links both to the Working Location and Repository would be useful, for example
Assigned user: nomada

If possible, please include both dotSUB locations (marked with -working &/or -repo) and any appropriate YouTube links (we have access to both thevenusprojectmedia & TZM-Official accounts, plus our own Linguistic Team Int'l channel). All of this info in (or soon will be) available within the In Translation tab of the Repository page in our wiki.


Allows you to get a quick overview of all the different members in our community, to read their basic profile information, and to check out who just registered. It also allows to search for members. The "Team members" will show you who coordinates the different language teams.


The Repository is used to store subtitle files for our different materials.

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