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2. How do I...

Did you know... ?

If you need to call someone's attention to a specific post you're making,
Start with the @ symbol, add their exact forum username and then finish it with a full colon. ( i.e. @username: )
As long as no spaces are included, they will receive notifications guiding them directly to the post.

2. How do I...

In this section, you'll find quick how-to's about frequent tasks that any given member or coordinator might do on a regular basis, or frequently asked question about the usage of these forums.

2.1. Get notified of new posts

Our forum software allows you to receive an email anytime someone posts a new thread or reply in the chosen forum. Go to the forum(s) for which you'd like to receive notifications, On the bottom right end of your screen, you'll see a "Add...

2.2. Show only forums that I'm interested in

It is possible to "filter" the forums you want to be shown in what would constitute your own personal view of the forums. You might not be interested in following every single language team out there... You can accomplish that by completing the...

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