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11.1. Links

Did you know... ?

If you come across a word or phrase that is not obvious in meaning (either you don't know the term/phrase,
or you feel it may be difficult for someone new to the RBE concept to understand fully without help),
please post it in the Glossary section of the forum so it can be added to the master glossary used by all teams.

11.1. Links

When you click on the header menu »Links« , takes you directly to the home page of link collection (Linkliste). There you will first list all categories, You can click on to see the links, who are in this category. On the right side after a category name You can find the number of links and the number of comments.
Directly below the category list you can find the statistics. This shows you data, e.g. The number of categories, the number of links, how many links are created per day, the number of comments, how many comments are posted per day and the number, how often all the links have been visited.

If you have a category called, You can find all previously added in the category links. There, you will be presented in brief the main points to a link, e.g. the title of the link, a brief description, the author's name, the time of last modification and other facts (Comments, Visits). To link to take a closer look and can see all the information click on the linked title of the respective links. If you have the corresponding right to build links, you are on the side of the category list to the two »Link add « displayed. Click this, you go to another page, where you can add a new link (approximation, you learn later).
At the bottom of the page you will find settings for sorting. You can select, according to what the links are sorted/ list, e.g. by title, last update, visits, etc... Right next to it, you can specify, whether the links in decreasing or increasing order to be listed.

Click on a link, so you will see the overview of the central links. There, you see everything that was given to this link, e.g. the user who added the link, the addition date, the date of the latest change, the number of visits, recent visitors and the date, etc.. You also have the opportunity, to visit the link. »visit link». In the tab menu, you can choose whether the central index of links or the comments of the links (see below) want to see.

With only few clicks you can add a new link. To do this, as already described, in an appropriate category on the button »link add«. If you do not make this button displays, You do not have to add the appropriate rights a new link (to find out the reason, you can contact the administrator). Are you on the page where you add a new link, you must provide some information about the page. First, you must enter a title (It is recommended the name of the page), the URL of the link (in the format: http://) and a description of the page. More detailed description of these fails, all the more appealing is the link for the community. So take a few minutes of quiet time and write a description, to convince the community of the page. You can also, optionally, a brief description of the link and enter tags. Then click on »Absenden« and the link is saved.

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