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The forum Calendar shows all of the global LTI meeting dates/times already converted to your own local time,
provided you have your local timezone set within your Profile (Profile » Settings » General).


You are currently viewing the help pages of Linguistic Team International Forum. The following help topics describe, in more detail, the possibilities this site has to offer.

1. Welcome !

Welcome to the help section of the Linguistic Team International Forums !! Here's a list of tools that you'll be able to use in this platform : Shoutbox The shoutbox is meant to be used as a way to post reminders that could be useful to all...

2. How do I...

In this section, you'll find quick how-to's about frequent tasks that any given member or coordinator might do on a regular basis, or frequently asked question about the usage of these forums.

3. Using your account (Profile)

To use all features, you need to register your own user account on this page.

4. Members

If you have registered on this page you are one of many members. Under Members you can find other registered members of this page and can view their profiles.

5. Writing text

While writing text on this page you can use some tools to improve the look of the text. Text can be called post or message within this help. The possible tools will be introduced in this chapter.

6. Search

There is a handy search field on the top of each page, which adapts its functions dynamically to the page you're currently browsing. The search function only searches the area where you currently are, so if you are reading a thread using the search...

7. Forum

In the following part you will get a short introduction into the most important features of the board, including the threads and posts, favorites as well as boards and categories

8. Tags

Tags are words that describe and/or categorize elements such as images or a posts. Think of it as a kind of a summary of the content. The advantage is that you can search by tags, so you don't have to think hard about good search terms. You can...

9. Private Messages

Send private messages (PM) to other members of this page - this is a way to communicate privately. You will find similar functions to your e-mail client. The icon in front of the message symbolises the status of the message: Read You...

10. Moderation

Like administrators moderators have special rights so they can edit and delete content from other users. To use the moderative functions the browser needs enabled JavaScript. At Edit profile » Moderation you will find an overview about...

11. Link collection (Linkliste)

Below are explanations of the various functions of the Link collection (Linkliste).

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