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1070 Ray pt-PT is 'in progress', Ze. I hope to be pulling you in within the next day or two. ^^ Oct 7th 2015, 5:07am
1068 zedom good news, what about portuguese? still in the pipeline? Oct 6th 2015, 10:39pm
1067 Ray At the moment, Slovenian has been converted to the new TBTMCB system and is moving through their Final Review before their translation becomes published, while Norwegian is also in the new system, bringing their already finalized 6th Edition up to date with the master version of the book (which is now beyond the 7th edition). The following languages are very close to completing (or have already completed & published) their 6th edition translation within the old system: Hebrew, Russian, German, Greek & Romanian. If any of you would like to be next for upgrading and getting it out to the rest of the world, please connect with me via PM or Skype (gmanzm). Oct 4th 2015, 10:47pm
1066 Ray I am currently reconstructing the entire TBTMCB Translate-a-thon, based on the system that Ben created for our last TCIO T-a-t. This new layout/system also now has the book broken up in paragraphs, which should be significantly easier to work with. The best part of this is that I've added a few new features to the system that will now allow us to keep 'in step' with all future editions, with very little effort required beyond a team's initial translation release. ;) Oct 4th 2015, 10:36pm
1065 Ray Gabriel and I talked about it in PM Oct 4th 2015, 10:30pm
1064 gabriel Could anyone show me how to create a to-do please? Oct 1st 2015, 11:43pm
1063 Annie Ann Hi, everyone! Spain made this day Translator's Day! Congratulations to all of you! Warm regards, Annie from Romania! :) Sep 30th 2015, 7:28am
1062 Ray Welcome, Ainash! Introduce yourself in the Russian Team section to alert them of your arrival. :) Sep 14th 2015, 7:01pm
1061 unno everybody in vacances mode? Sep 9th 2015, 10:44am
1060 Ainash Hi, I'm Ainash. I can spare few hours a week for translating from English to Russian and Kazakh. Do not have much experience and translating theory knowledge. Sep 5th 2015, 5:10pm
1059 Ray Reboot completed. We hope you enjoyed your flight and thank you for flying LTI Airlines. ^^ Jul 31st 2015, 11:37pm
1058 Ray A couple of server updates will require a reboot of the server shortly. The system will only be down for less than a minute, so hopefully it will not impact anyone. :* Jul 31st 2015, 11:23pm
1057 zedom thanks for the info Paul Jul 26th 2015, 12:32am
1056 Ray Paul, they are former TZM members, and are not interested in working with TVP (Jacque & Roxanne talked with them more than once), so we cannot support it. Jul 25th 2015, 3:15am
1055 PCMcGee Contact me on Facebook if so, please. Paul C McGee Jul 24th 2015, 2:04pm
1054 PCMcGee I have links and backups of most of the videos they have produced, which you may want to consider adding to the repository considering the subject matter and high quality. Jul 24th 2015, 2:01pm
1052 PCMcGee They appear to be TVP supporters and this is why the research city looks exactly like a TVP designed research city. Jul 24th 2015, 1:46pm
1051 PCMcGee Hey Guys, wanted to leave you a note regarding Horizon 1 Video. This is a movie produced by Tom and Dale Hallatt regarding a fictional UN Program to implement TVP Ideas. Jul 24th 2015, 1:45pm
1050 zedom it just looked like the same thing, the words and aims are praticaly the same. It even scared me for a bit :D Jul 20th 2015, 10:24pm
1049 Ray Ze, Horizon-1 is yet another 'partial' knock-off of TVP that has no interest in working with the rest of us (TVP/TZM). Even Jacque was unable to get through to them to collaborate. Jul 20th 2015, 3:59am
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