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1227 Mr_Z To Translators: peter-joseph-a-democratic-precondition-united-we-stand-festival-2018 is now open for translation. May 19th 2018, 6:40pm
1226 Mr_Z To Translators: jacque-fresco-we-have-the-resources is now open for translation. May 12th 2018, 10:24pm
1225 Mr_Z To Translators: jacque-fresco-free-will-cause-influence-of-background is open for translation. May 12th 2018, 8:56pm
1224 zedom Hey cici! Have you introduced yourself yet in your language team's section? May 6th 2018, 1:21pm
1223 cici hi everyone! im new here and ready to pitch in^^ May 4th 2018, 8:59am
1222 Mr_Z To Translators: Jacque-fresco-if-they-really-believe is now open for translation. Apr 6th 2018, 4:06pm
1221 Mr_Z To Translators: Peter-joseph-critique-of-bernie-sanders-inequality-in-america-town-hall-2018-03-19 is now open for translation. Apr 6th 2018, 11:50am
1220 Ray Hovhannes, вот русская группа TVP: Mar 10th 2018, 10:46pm
1219 Hovhannes xachatryan Друзья привет всем, я правильно сделал все? Я хочу участвовать проекте Венера Кто нибудь поможет мне с этим? . По английски говорю очень плохо,свяжитесь со мной по электронной почте Feb 22nd 2018, 9:08am
1218 zedom Solenhin, not enough automated yet :) Feb 15th 2018, 10:08pm
1217 Solehin Bin Sabtu With the aid of machine automation, labour has been made easy! Fellow translators, Shoutout along with me if you AGREE! (I use 'Google Translator Toolkit' to churn through length videos) Feb 7th 2018, 11:48am
1216 Мартин Hello everyone! Feb 7th 2018, 11:44am
1215 Ray Hi Gabrielius! ^^ Jan 25th 2018, 10:57pm
1214 zedom Hey there! Jan 24th 2018, 9:57pm
1213 Gabrielius Hi :) Jan 23rd 2018, 8:53pm
1212 Sue Hi akazamen, did you join our Facebook group yet? You can ask there for help. :) Jan 19th 2018, 4:47pm
1211 akazamen Hi. Any spanish translator to proofread my translation of the Three Question video? It would be highly appreciated! Jan 9th 2018, 1:48am
1210 zhr0 Jan 3rd 2018, 3:33pm
1208 Mr_Z To Translators: Peter's 'Improbable Democracy' Lecture is now open for translation. Dec 27th 2017, 6:42pm
1207 Ray All outstanding ToDos (two of them) have been completed and archived. Big thanks to all involved in completing those projects! ^^ Nov 30th 2017, 2:44am
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