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677 MajaPOCCroatia hello guys!! the time has finally come for me to start using this forum :D i'm going to need some help probably, so just tell me when i start being annoying with questions :D Jun 9th 2013, 5:34pm
678 Ray Maja, the only silly questions are the ones that we fail to ask. Freely use the Help Desk section for everything you want to learn, about anything, anywhere that is related to everything "LTI". :rose: Jun 9th 2013, 9:17pm
679 Di Anna Everybody say 'Hello' to Briana who has just joined the English Team. She's been working really hard on the LTI Guideline Practices. She's a :star: Jun 10th 2013, 2:02am
680 Ray Welcome to the family, Briana! :rose: Jun 10th 2013, 6:44am
681 50YaS LTI is so vulnerable platform firends sucure it if you wont make a server with it Jun 10th 2013, 6:10pm
682 benzaiten Ciao Fulvia e benvnuta :-) Jun 11th 2013, 7:21pm
683 Nacer Hi everyone Jun 12th 2013, 9:28pm
684 Ray Welcome, Nacer! Jun 13th 2013, 5:15am
685 benzaiten welcome Eviss :-) Jun 14th 2013, 4:21pm
686 Nacer Thanks a lot Ray!!! Jun 14th 2013, 9:30pm
687 Ray For everyone (including our newest members!): Your input is very much needed in the Forum Cleanup discussion here:…simplification/ :rose: Jun 14th 2013, 10:29pm
688 Ray Also for everyone: Does anyone make use of the Portal feature here within the forum? I'm specifically looking for anyone who does, so 'no' answers are unnecessary. ^^ Jun 15th 2013, 6:00am
689 Swierzakh hi guys Jun 15th 2013, 2:45pm
690 Ray Welcome Swierzakh! Jun 17th 2013, 2:02am
691 SreeRamSreenivasan India hey somebody help.. Jun 18th 2013, 11:29am
692 Ray SreeRam, what kind of help do you need? Jun 18th 2013, 6:26pm
693 Ray More input needed from everyone; this time for the Member Portal.…ated-newsfeeds/ Jun 20th 2013, 9:53pm
694 nomada Facebook event for the 1st Translation Marathon of "The Best That Money Can't Buy" - , and the forum thread to join the fun: Jun 21st 2013, 1:39am
695 Summerhill 1. Please, try not to get mad on me. I am not spammer, I like to do Fresco translations too. Jun 21st 2013, 12:44pm
696 Summerhill 2. Why can't I freely discuss Summerhill book here? Because it's "not TVP related"? Are you sure? Neill's Summerhill does same goal as Jacque Fresco, but almost nobody knows about Summerhill. Jun 21st 2013, 12:44pm
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