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582 ralle4 Oh, Hi Phil! Welcome to our team! :) Feb 4th 2013, 5:38am
621 ralle4 @the LingTeam: Ben McLeish said to "Send [his] thanks to the team for their tireless genius." :) Just "passing 'the word' ". :) Mar 15th 2013, 3:30pm
1004 ralle4 I am starting a "Beginning English" class w/a few students, locally. One member of LTI will join us online. If others are interested please contact me. Class begins Wed March 4 @11:00am PST (7pm UTC) Feb 27th 2015, 8:09pm
1110 Raoamit hello everyone! May 5th 2016, 5:23pm
1111 Raoamit can anyone help me with what to do next ? May 5th 2016, 5:25pm
1095 Rapceanu hello Feb 16th 2016, 11:02pm
16 raxsade :love: Jun 18th 2011, 10:18pm
256 Ray Bruno, I'll suggest that Ben should be the one to handle a 2nd proofing of his own lecture, so he can at least ensure that the words are correct (to the best of his memory). Afterward, we can put it through just one more syntax/punctuation proofing before it'll be ready for final review. ;) Nov 3rd 2011, 5:59am
768 Ray Welcome, Andrew! ^^ Aug 5th 2013, 2:35am
1024 Ray Welcome, Tez! Jun 4th 2015, 11:11am
1 Ray These forums, Portal, etc. are now ready to be launched and populated with all language sections. Please check out everything and let me know if you find anything that needs to be further developed, enabled, modified, etc.. Jun 1st 2011, 10:55pm
769 Ray The forum software has just been updated. If you discover any new bugs or other oddities, please make me aware in the…ug-reports-etc/ board Aug 16th 2013, 12:31pm
1025 Ray The first post of all project threads within the "Open for Translating > Videos" board now include all of the info related to their respective projects, including a fully viewable display of the video itself. This should make it significantly easier for individual teams to decide on videos to bring into their workflow. Wherever possible, these videos are embedded directly from their original sources (rather than LTI's YT channel), so please let me know immediately if you find any of them no longer working. ^^ Jun 28th 2015, 9:04pm
2 Ray Note: We have not yet tested the Chat module. Coordinators should try it out and make sure they can create a room, delete a room they created, etc.. Jun 1st 2011, 10:56pm
770 Ray I am currently seeking AMP developers to help me realize a relatively simple RBE Community-wide searchable index/database of everything LTI has handled and beyond. Please check out the initial concept at…-all-languages/ and PM me if you're interested in helping turn this into a reality for the entire RBE Community. This major missing resource is LONG overdue! ^^ Aug 16th 2013, 12:39pm
1026 Ray You might need to check it out yourself to see what I mean. :giggle: -…-videos-dotsub/ Jun 29th 2015, 12:54am
259 Ray Heh heh Nov 4th 2011, 8:35am
1027 Ray For Language Team Coordinators, the adjustments below now make the creation of ToDos much, much easier. For anyone unaware, team coordinators create a "ToDo" at the end of each/every completed project in order to 'insert' the team's hard work into LTI's global distribution system. The new ToDo guidelines can be found in the top post of:…o-in-the-forum/ Jun 29th 2015, 10:43pm
260 Ray Hi everyone! Nov 4th 2011, 8:36am
261 Ray I just added a couple of important new fields to our registration/profile page. In addition to providing your Pootle, dotSUB, etc. usernames, you can now also provide your Facebook & YouTube channel usernames so that other members can find, friend &/or subscribe to you in those Social Networking sites. If you want to be found by your friends here a bit easier, simply head into your own Edit Profile page (link provided at the very top of every forum page) and update the info there. Nov 4th 2011, 8:39am
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