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779 V.UN still no answer for my question, i asked before about the romanian flyer, that use to be on the old version of the website. Sep 2nd 2013, 8:13pm
780 V.UN i am asking because there are the flyers in other languages but romanian is measing. Sep 2nd 2013, 8:14pm
782 lizardman Hey V.UN. Please have a bit patience, it should be fixed in the next few days. Sep 3rd 2013, 11:24pm
783 ralle4 Is it me, or does the LTI site look amazing.?! :) Nice job, Ray! (and anyone else who's been involved with that. :) :)) Sep 14th 2013, 1:36am
784 Ray Thanks Ramona. There's still a bit to add before it can be publicly launched, but it's 'getting there'. ^^ Sep 14th 2013, 8:30am
787 ralle4 @Ray: Awwww. Looks good to me! :) (Nice job :) Even if there's more to do. Impressive! :)) Sep 15th 2013, 3:11am
788 Di Anna Yayyy, Jimmy Page Jr. (Chris Pap) :cheer: He just completed the English Guidelines Practice Exercises and even found typos in the questions. :ahaha: What a :star: Oct 8th 2013, 2:08am
789 Ray Congratulations, Christos! ^^ Oct 8th 2013, 2:47am
790 Ray In an attempt to somewhat simplify the main index page of the forum (i.e. make it a bit less scary to newly arriving members), I'm playing around with how the boards are displayed. I would LOVE to get some feedback on what you folks think. Oct 8th 2013, 2:51am
791 Jimmy Page Jr (Chris Pap) Thank you, guys! About the main index page, I recently had a discussion with Lizardman about the forum being a little chaotic for me in the start. I thought I should give you some feedback. Oct 8th 2013, 10:11pm
792 MobSheeP Hi everyone __/\__ glad to join , ready to help anytime ;) be strong, be gratefull, be united, be peacefull & respectfull. Be the change you want to see in the world =) P.L.U.R ॐ In Lak'Ech Ala K'In Oct 9th 2013, 10:41pm
793 Jimmy Page Jr (Chris Pap) Welcome, Mob! Oct 11th 2013, 2:34pm
794 Ray Welcome, MobSheeP! ^^ Would you like to help with anything in particular? Oct 12th 2013, 10:23am
795 Sam Hello everyone! i'd like to help translating stuff into german. but i'm new here and i dont know how i get in contact with the coordinators or how it works generally :) Oct 19th 2013, 11:54pm
796 lizardman Hi Sam! If you scroll down further on this forum's main page, you will start seeing a list of subforums dedicated to the various language teams. When you scroll down to German, go in there and post a thread with questions/introduction. :) Oct 20th 2013, 5:14pm
797 RoderickE I'd like expert opinions on this idea: Oct 29th 2013, 11:00pm
798 Ray Open for English Transcription:…passeigdesborn/ Oct 30th 2013, 7:36am
799 Ray Roderick, why don't you create a new thread for it in the Q&A board. Oct 31st 2013, 12:31pm
800 Atoyo Hi for all! I want to communicate with native english speakers in skype, i.m a native russian speaker. My e-mail: Nov 10th 2013, 9:48am
801 DionisOdam many new videos with Italian subs are going to be published very soon!! :D Dec 12th 2013, 10:52pm
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