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380 Ray The forum software has been updated to the latest version. Please make me aware of any issues you might find in the…bug-reports-etc section. May 14th 2012, 12:20pm
379 brunodc Congratulations to the Brazilian team for completing the "Defining Peace" lecture! :thumbsup: May 14th 2012, 8:11am
378 nomada To be teleported into the meeting room for tonight, click here:…019%3A00+UTC%29 May 12th 2012, 3:04pm
377 nomada Translators: share your thoughts on an issue on the "James Phillips TZM Education" project. The English Dep't needs your feedback ; ) click here: May 8th 2012, 6:30pm
376 nomada "Jacque Fresco Mechanistic, Evolution Sept 11, 2011" is now open for translations ( May 5th 2012, 9:17am
375 brunodc Jacque Fresco - Global Sustainability is now open for translation: May 1st 2012, 10:08pm
374 Ray I removed a few forum modules that were not being used. Please let me know if you find any issues:…ug-reports-etc/ Apr 29th 2012, 12:06am
373 nomada Tonight's Ling.Team General meeting is at 19:00 UTC on Team Speak ( teleportation to meeting room: Apr 28th 2012, 1:41pm
372 brunodc Jacque Fresco-Depression, Self Identification-Sept 5, 2011 is now open for translation: Apr 27th 2012, 5:12am
371 brunodc The Venus Project-Lecture+Update March 27, 2011 is now open for translation: Apr 23rd 2012, 5:11pm
370 nomada Coordinators meeting at 19:00 UTC on Team Speak. Here is the teleportation link: Apr 21st 2012, 2:58pm
369 nomada The Jen Wilding great presentation from ZDay 2012 - Los Angeles - "Communicating RBE Concepts" is now open for translations: Apr 20th 2012, 1:05am
368 brunodc TEDxOjai - Peter Joseph - The Big Question is now open for translation: Apr 16th 2012, 8:36pm
367 brunodc Translations had already been completed for the Awakening video, so make sure your team hadn't completed it already by checking the old working location: Apr 15th 2012, 7:42pm
366 brunodc Doug Mallette's Awakening is now open for translation (again): Apr 15th 2012, 7:41pm
365 Torch next Tuesday, 17.04.2012, 1900 UTC, ts3 - All interested translators: Designing the Future - German team brings in its findings - problems - factual faults Apr 14th 2012, 9:11pm
364 Ray LingTeam global meeting is starting now Apr 14th 2012, 8:20pm
363 Ray Paradise or Oblivion torrents are now available: & Apr 14th 2012, 8:05pm
362 Ray Happy Birthday to Benoite & Janine!!! Apr 14th 2012, 9:59am
361 brunodc Humanity Overdue is now open for translation: Apr 9th 2012, 8:30pm
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