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1149 ossi11111 That's why we are using linebreaks for quite a while in German subtitles now. Aug 16th 2016, 9:38pm
330 brunodc The "It'S TIME TO CHANGE" video series are being reopened to translations after timeshifting. Two things worthy of note: 1) Some of those videos have translations in them. Please check in the threads in the "open for translation" to check whether the translation for your team has already been done before to allocate resources to it. Feb 21st 2012, 9:59pm
359 lizardman The "Paradise or Oblivion" Press Release has been added to Pootle - Apr 2nd 2012, 7:08pm
121 brunodc The "Where are we now" video has been transcribed and proofread in English, but this was done in the early days of the linguistic team so the subtitles are not very well synchronized with the sound Jul 15th 2011, 8:12pm
1146 Mr_Z The 5 Open test vids with linebreaks are: 1)JF: Environment Shapes Behavior, 2)Nate Dinwiddie: TVP Archives, 3) JF: UN NOVUS Summit award, 4) JF on RT: Attaining Sustainability, 5) JF: Good and Evil. Aug 15th 2016, 11:53pm
847 johnwang The book itself is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licensed so I'm puzzled why the ODT source text doesn't seem to be freely available alongside the PDF and HTML versions. Apr 7th 2014, 2:10pm
1087 zedom The CGI looks amazing! A completely new package Jan 3rd 2016, 9:46pm
1092 Ray The Choice Is Ours Translate-a-thon is finally converted to a 'normal' LTI project! Every language that had ANY translation work within the older "TCIO Parts I & II" working location has been migrated over to the new one, and hopefully I didn't mess anything up during the adjustments to the new transcription. ^^…e-is-ours-full/ Jan 30th 2016, 2:22am
1269 Ray The complete "A World Worth Imagining" documentary is finally open for translation, and each language team section below already has a dedicated progress thread for it under "Current Projects". Please note that this documentary is not planned to be released to the public until sometime in November, so please do not pass around the dotSUB links until then. I will announce the global release here in the shoutbox as soon as that happens. ;) Sep 5th 2019, 11:23pm
281 brunodc The Coordinators' meeting has been set to this FRIDAY at 9PM UTC: Nov 24th 2011, 1:07pm
1014 brunodc The current font size makes it go bold on my browser which is a little much, I think. It makes unread threads super prominent and hard to read because of the tiny letter spacing. Switching from .9em to .8em looks fine to me Apr 19th 2015, 4:42pm
836 Ray The first of the Z-Day videos (PJ's talk) has been released and is now set up for transcription! ^^ Mar 27th 2014, 6:40am
1025 Ray The first post of all project threads within the "Open for Translating > Videos" board now include all of the info related to their respective projects, including a fully viewable display of the video itself. This should make it significantly easier for individual teams to decide on videos to bring into their workflow. Wherever possible, these videos are embedded directly from their original sources (rather than LTI's YT channel), so please let me know immediately if you find any of them no longer working. ^^ Jun 28th 2015, 9:04pm
1038 Ray The Forum Calendar shows upcoming bi-weekly meetings (as well as member birthdays) - the next meeting is next Saturday (2015-07-18). Unfortunately, there is no auto-notification system included with the calendar, but the upcoming LTI Member Portal includes a 'Count-down Timer' that will be difficult to miss. Jul 11th 2015, 8:28am
551 Ray The forum now automatically converts long URLs to short ones. You can use this so that you no longer need to give out these humongous links for various forum locations. To convert a long link, go into your own Profile page and send the long link to yourself. When it instantly arrives in your PM Inbox, it will be converted for you to post wherever you need it. Dec 20th 2012, 4:15am
419 Ray The forum Portal feature has just been updated. Please let us know if any bugs show up. ^ ^ Jun 3rd 2012, 2:22am
380 Ray The forum software has been updated to the latest version. Please make me aware of any issues you might find in the…bug-reports-etc section. May 14th 2012, 12:20pm
769 Ray The forum software has just been updated. If you discover any new bugs or other oddities, please make me aware in the…ug-reports-etc/ board Aug 16th 2013, 12:31pm
891 Ray The forum's "Community Framework" element has just been updated, along with the forum's WYSIWYG editor. As always, please make me aware of any new issues/bugs you may come across. ^^ Jun 17th 2014, 5:53pm
943 Ray The forum's PM system has just been updated. Please let me know if you experience any oddities. ^^ Jan 25th 2015, 2:49am
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