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301 Diana Greetings to our newest member OvertOddity!!! Welcome to the team :) Dec 9th 2011, 1:41pm
300 brunodc Peter Joseph on 'Russia Today' Sept 14th '11 is now open for translations: Dec 8th 2011, 7:34pm
299 MarlysePi Finished the translation of Jacque Fresco-Technology & Unemployment-Dec.12, 2010 Dec 7th 2011, 5:28pm
298 Ray Sinem, it may be much faster to just post the question and see what comes back to you. Dec 7th 2011, 3:26am
297 Aquacat I need some kind of consultancy :S Dec 6th 2011, 1:57pm
296 Aquacat is there anyone online from the English team at the moment? Dec 6th 2011, 1:56pm
295 brunodc RT News 2011-09-24: Venus Project to bring peace is now open for translations: Dec 6th 2011, 12:19pm
294 Di Anna Just watched a Venus Project video on a friend's YouTube Channel, and WOW. I can really see the beauty of our hi-quality LTI YouTube videos by comparison. WOW.... :O Dec 5th 2011, 8:21pm
293 Ray New feature for all LTI Forum members: Personal Notes/Memo Keeper in your Profile area. Use it for whatever uses make sense to you (or not :squint:). Dec 5th 2011, 5:24am
291 brunodc RT News (2011-10-27): Peter Joseph on Media & Occupy Wall Street is open for translations: Dec 4th 2011, 8:03pm
290 brunodc Peter Joseph's "When Normality Becomes Distortion" is now open for translations: Dec 4th 2011, 9:41am
288 Ray TVP Movie-related: Nov 29th 2011, 5:43am
287 brunodc The Venus Project Tours with Jacque Fresco is now open for translations: Nov 28th 2011, 6:19pm
286 brunodc Jacque Fresco-Human or Robot Systems-July 4, 2011 is now open for translations: Nov 28th 2011, 11:56am
285 brunodc Jacque Fresco-Corrupting Factors, Social Responsibility-Feb 14, 2011 is now open for translations : Nov 26th 2011, 9:45pm
284 brunodc Jacque Fresco-Technology & Unemployment-Dec.12, 2010 is now open for translations : Nov 25th 2011, 9:18pm
283 Sue When you read the text on the screen, these words do not appear. So, I've eliminated them. All the languages that have translated Addendum need to check that moment to see if they need to edit or not. Nov 25th 2011, 2:02pm
282 Sue IMPORTANT ERROR in the ADDENDUM transcription. At minute 1:45:54 the transcription, which is being copied from a Carl Sagan text on the screen, had the words "We speak for earth" in it. Nov 25th 2011, 2:01pm
281 brunodc The Coordinators' meeting has been set to this FRIDAY at 9PM UTC: Nov 24th 2011, 1:07pm
280 brunodc James Phillips - TZM Education | London Z Day 2011 is now open for translations Nov 23rd 2011, 11:56am
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