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74 Di Anna I can't spell it either, but I can draw a picture of it! :D Jul 8th 2011, 1:38am
73 Jack Oh, boy, George. How do you spell Alzheimer...? Jul 8th 2011, 1:36am
72 Di Anna Today's famous quote is from George W. Bush : "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures." ?( Jul 8th 2011, 1:34am
69 Di Anna And for the 100th members grand prize, he (or she) will get to proofread EVERYTHING we haven't done yet, right?? :wacko: Jul 8th 2011, 1:27am
68 brunodc oho look you guys, the next registered member will be our 100th !! Jul 7th 2011, 9:50am
67 sydstf If you're available, please help upload. Thank you very much for your kind help in advance. :) Jul 7th 2011, 5:03am
66 sydstf Hi, yesterday I posted two threads requesting to upload the Chinese subtitles of Awakening and ZMF(also to the official Youtube link) to the repository location in the ToDo list. Jul 7th 2011, 5:03am
65 Jack "How can I be two places at once if I'm not any place at all." (anonymous) Jul 7th 2011, 2:47am
64 Di Anna Hi, LT folks! :) Today's quote is from Albert Einstein: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and Im not sure about the universe." 8o 8o 8o Jul 7th 2011, 2:42am
63 brunodc RIP George Carlin...Nice quote, Di Jul 6th 2011, 9:19am
62 Di Anna :whistling: Carlin quote for today: "Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?" George Carlin Jul 6th 2011, 2:41am
60 Ray Hiya Folks! ^^ Jul 5th 2011, 11:05pm
59 nomada message sent to daevski ;) Jul 5th 2011, 8:44pm
58 daevski :?: Hello all! Just signed up to help. I'm native english and want some direction! private message is fine... Jul 5th 2011, 8:15pm
57 nomada Does anyone need a help organizing your Language Team Playground (forum section)? Beep me on skype! (azoreno) Jul 5th 2011, 4:40pm
56 neverquit never mind. you now need to select the threads you want to move, then simply go to the destination location, scroll down, see "X threads selected", click on it, clikc on "move here" Jul 5th 2011, 2:56pm
55 neverquit can anyone help me out please? :) Jul 5th 2011, 2:51pm
54 neverquit I cannotz find the "move" thread option anymore :( I was so excited about it but now I'm too blind to see it Jul 5th 2011, 2:49pm
53 brunodc Little one-liner joke for ya : Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? ---- Breasts don't have eyes :D Jul 5th 2011, 2:34pm
52 BroghamZvatox Oh great! this forum has a chat! Jul 5th 2011, 1:50am
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