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31 Kirk I'm registering... Jun 25th 2011, 7:32am
30 Ray I just added a bunch of RSS feeds to everyone's Portal pages (top-center of page). They will continually watch the LingTeam wiki and allow you to see the latest changes to those important pages. 8) Jun 25th 2011, 3:51am
29 Ray :P Jun 23rd 2011, 5:42pm
28 Kirk If I had 1 pneny for each time I join a thing in the internet, I'd be 2 dollars richer.. :P Jun 23rd 2011, 5:21am
27 Kirk Heeeeeeeeeello Jun 23rd 2011, 5:19am
26 brunodc I you had a sucky day, this fail compilation will remind you that other people have sucky days too :D : Jun 20th 2011, 3:43pm
24 tzmtj is this thing on? Jun 19th 2011, 11:03am
23 Observer1964 anybody here? Jun 19th 2011, 10:55am
22 Username hello Jun 19th 2011, 10:55am
21 michaelycus :P Jun 18th 2011, 11:30pm
20 Ray Heya! Jun 18th 2011, 11:30pm
19 Ana 8o Jun 18th 2011, 11:30pm
18 Ana :whistling: Jun 18th 2011, 11:29pm
17 RajkoR :thumbsup: Jun 18th 2011, 10:18pm
16 raxsade :love: Jun 18th 2011, 10:18pm
15 yv6eda Here!! Finally... Jun 18th 2011, 10:17pm
14 RajkoR :) Jun 18th 2011, 10:15pm
13 lizardman here you are! Jun 18th 2011, 10:14pm
12 nomada Hellooooooo!! Who wants to explore this new forum together, stay after the LT meeting is over. I will. Nomada :thumbup: :thumbdown: Jun 18th 2011, 10:13pm
11 genage Is there anyone availableright now? Jun 13th 2011, 9:11pm
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