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Saturday, July 2nd 2011, 9:11am

[PRIORITY] Future by Design (2006)

According to many, this documentary from William Gazecki was their first exposure with the Venus Project and the idea of a RBE, as it dates back to 2006. :thumbup: ( 1:29:22 )

Note from Ray: William Gazecki has graciously passed the full ownership for "Future by Design" to TVP. A previously-existing copyright claim by SME had the video blocked in 21 countries, but that claim has now been removed!
Roxanne has requested that we link all LTI uploads of this core documentary back to the TVP store, so that TVP/RBE supporters will have the opportunity to get the full set with lots of extra content added (including the full Larry King interview), if desired.

Note #2: TVP has since uploaded a better quality version with slightly longer length, causing our subs to be out of sync. The new version contains some footage that was not present in our original video, so I had no choice but to remove all subs from the official upload in YouTube until the re-working is completed.

All necessary adjustments have now been completed within the English subs, and each of the existing 30 languages has been migrated within separate Google Sheets to be as close as I can get them to the new transcript. The result is that 15 of the existing languages lined up well enough for me to rebuild them as SRTs and add them to the updated working location below, while the other 15 languages could not be matched up well enough for that. The list of impossible languages is below and it would be preferable that each team send me just one veteran member (or coordinator) to help complete the matching so I can get those translations back into the working location, too.

So, consider this as the call for all teams that have it completed to go back into the working location and translate the additional content,
and for those below which did not have it completed to connect with me to finish the migration and perhaps get it completed, too.
Once completed and a ToDo is created, we will finally be able to get these subs back into YouTube and out to the world.[/b] Also, each Language Team that added the old version to their own YT channels should replace their copy of the old video with this longer hi-res one. :nuts: :loveya:

The following teams need to connect with me to complete this relatively simple migration:
Albanian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish LA,
Arabic, Brazilian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese

Portuguese, Romanian, and Serbian only need to proofread what is in the Working Location and turn in a ToDo when it's ready to republish.

Contact Ray for Working Location
TVP Source YouTube | Repository Location | LTI YouTube

(now obsolete)There is a spreadsheet to organize the English proofreading and timestamp shifting team works, where anyone can join to help (now obsolete):
Click HERE
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