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Thursday, March 21st 2013, 11:58pm

Federico Pistono - Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern?

giv permission to translate this important video

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Friday, March 22nd 2013, 7:56am

I Moyn!! I am glad to see you here!! :D

If you look carefully, in the title of the video there is "(Repository)". That means you are looking at the "clone" version of the dotsub link where we translate (Working Location). Why do we need a clone version of it? It is not to confuse people, I assure you that :tongue: . It is where we transfer the completed translations into, so we save them from further edit by dotsub users. It is our Repository, or storage place for completed works. It is the safest method we could find until now since we don't have a server where to put them.

I'll help you find the location where you have access and can translate. One way is to look on the right side of that video, in the video description under the title. We usualy put working location link in the repository description and the repository link in the working location description, so we can easily jump from one to another when needed ;-)

Another way to find your working location for that video is this Forum section:…-english-dep-t/

There is a huge list, I know, but open one page at the time and use ctrl+f to find the text that matches the title ;)

Feel free to ask anything you need.
superhugs :bighug:

oops: here is the link to the working location, I forgot hehe. Have fun and let us know if you need help or when you are done ; )
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