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[Hindi Published] TVP Press Kit

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Saturday, March 23rd 2013, 1:45pm

TVP Press Kit

The TVP Press Kit provides a single PDF covering the core talking points of the TVP/RBE proposal. ( 2858 words )
Before beginning any translations on this project, all teams should review this forum thread. It contains information about repeated contents in several locations which only need to be translated once and then brought over to this project.

Before starting on any project, connect directly with your respective language team to join these projects from the inside.
Once complete, each Language Team needs to create a ToDo so that the project can be converted back into PDF format, added to the TVP website, and promoted all over the place!

For Translators: Go to the Working Location link below, sign into your Pootle account and click translate.
If you're new to all of this, check out the Pootle Tutorial for a short summary on how to translate with Pootle.
Just before you start, and then later when you are done, post your intentions or results to this forum thread so others can see the progress.
Ask for help in this thread too, in case you need some guidance.

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