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Saturday, July 23rd 2016, 11:21pm

UN NOVUS Summit presents Jacque Fresco with award for city design

On July 17, 2016 The Venus Project founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This was held at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. This annual summit gives platform to humanitarian, governmental and non-governmental organizations showcasing innovations for sustainable development to transform the world in a positive way. ( 06:22 )

This is a very important step in our world outreach effort, to unite humanity towards a better future for all.

At this conference The Venus Project was pleased to announce the beginning of the next phase of our development. Our new NPO called Resource Based Economy created to initiate construction of the first experimental city system designed by Jacque Fresco. This city will showcase our optimistic vision, allowing people to see what kind of future we can build if we channel our efforts of a system approach for social betterment. Your inquiry and participation are welcome.

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