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Wednesday, July 11th 2018, 9:49pm

The Venus Project - Introducing The Center for Resource Management

The Venus Project, which is a part of the nonprofit organization Resource Based Economy, has begun development of its next project: the Center for Resource Management. This facility will be the area of a mid-sized university campus and will act as a stepping stone towards the development of our proposed experimental cities.

The Center for Resource Management will introduce the concept of a Global Resource Based Economy and its methodology for addressing the major challenges facing humanity. It will do this through the “Museum of the Future”, educational courses, and media center. The facility itself will, as much as possible, be an example of a sustainable development producing its own energy, growing food, recycling water, and much more.

The function of The Center for Resource Management is to initiate global planning for a secure and prosperous future for all of humanity. This video is a call for participation in this project. ( 01:28 )

For Translators: Go to the Working Location Link, sign into your account, choose your language in the "Translate" selection and click translate.
Just before you start, and then later when you are done, post your intentions or results to this forum thread so others can see the progress.
Ask for help in this thread too, in case you need some guidance.

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Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 7:43am

Hi,みなさん I translated this video.

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