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[Malay Proofreading 1] The Venus Project Tour Seminars 2017

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Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 6:18am

The Venus Project Tour Seminars 2017

Tour/Seminars are held each Saturday at The Venus Project Center in Venus, Florida at 1 pm. The Venus Project tour is an informative and educational experience like no other. Roxanne speaks for several hours, walks guests around the grounds, shows and describes hundreds of scale models and answers questions about the project. It is a powerful way to get a better understanding of this optimistic and attainable future as envisioned by Jacque Fresco and now carried forward by co-founder Roxanne Meadows. ( 04:16 )

saya maklumkan mengenai dua hantaran sebelumnya The Venus Project Tour Seminars 2017 dan Jacque Fresco - Decisions ( + Update ) May 15 2011 | Dotsub
Lagipun, anda boleh
memberikan saya alamat e-mel Google anda yang aktif untuk
mengakses terjemahan masa lalu ataupun bekerjasama projek transkripsi /
penterjemahan masa depan.

Allow me to point to you of the two previous submissions made The Venus Project Tour Seminars 2017 and Jacque Fresco - Decisions ( + Update ) May 15 2011 | Dotsub
Also, you may provide me your active Google e-mail address for an invitation to access past translations or collaborate on future transcription/translation projects.

Terima kasih,

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