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Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 1:14pm

Hello everyone. Im here to learn how to translate videos and enable danish subtitles on as much content as possible.

Hello everyone.

My name is Jimmi.
I am here to learn how to enable Danish subtitles on video content on youtube, from the Venus Project, and work with translation groups. I do not know much about this so i have a lot to learn.
I'm also involved with a woman in my country (Denmark), who need proper translations on many videos from The Venus Project. She has started work on a children's book inspired by the Venus Project and will include images of Jacques and Roxanne's models/buildings and environments. She is also in contact with the Venus Project, but only by mail so far. The Venus Project also gave her quotes in which they would like her to include.

I need some help in where and how i get started. I have created a profile on Trello, but i need to know if the translation app is going to be where i would work or if its in a youtube video team?

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Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 10:47pm

Hello Jimmi and be very welcome!

Not sure if you have spotted the Danish section already:…sk-danish-team/
which seems to be a ghost town for the moment. So you probably come in great time for some revival!

Usually each language teams has a coordinator, which can guide you in your first steps. For this case, @Ray: (the global LTI coordinator) will probably have to take you in.

For the YouTube videos we use the DotSub application, as you can see in the "Open for translation" -> "Videos" section.

Also, check this post for a good intro: Read Me First

Kind regards,

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Monday, October 14th 2019, 11:27am

A warm welcome to you, @JimmiLN:!

I apologize for my delay. I am still healing from an injury that has had me in significant pain for a few weeks.

I found this Intro thread in the Spanish Team's "Introduce Yourself" section, so I have moved it into the Danish Team's Intro board.
I also received your PM, so I will respond to that here, as well.


I have attempted to find DotSub content in danish for the video The choice is ours, but no success. I also noticed your post about progress, but the danish subtitles are ready for final review since 2015. What happened and where and what can i do to help get this to work for danish language. Others have same problem, that there are no danish subs for the Venus project video content.

I am happy to report that The Choice Is Ours project was completed by the Danish Team after that update information was provided, which is why the master Danish Team thread for that project is in the "Published Translations" section. If you look inside the project's master thread, you will be able to open up the "TVP Source YouTube" link in the first post just above the embedded video, adjust the YouTube Settings to our Danish subtitles, and enjoy the documentary. There is no more 'dotSUB work' needed by us to make that one available to the world (although everyone is highly encouraged to help share it with others).

So that also means that all of the other projects in that same "Published Translations" section are fully complete and available for all Danish speakers to enjoy.

As Ze mentioned, the Danish Team became inactive not long after life saw fit to pull away their last Coordinator, so I will be happy to serve as your guide into LTI's tools and resources.
At the moment, there are 24 master Danish Team threads in the Current Projects section that have at least been started by one or more members of the Danish Team over the years. It is primarily a mix of Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement videos, so there may be something among that collection that interests you as a starting point.

My strong advice to anyone who is new to the world of translating is to start with something small at first, so that you gain that initial experience without feeling overwhelmed by a larger project. If you feel your English/Danish language skills are strong enough, you might want to start with a small proofreading project to help move an already existing project closer to publishing. For example, the Jacque Fresco - Social Change video is only 32 seconds long and 100% translated, but I have no way to tell if, or to what degree, it has been proofread. If it does require some adjusting, that would provide you with a relatively easy introduction to dotSUB's translation/proofreading interface. On the other hand, you are certainly free to select any other 'already started' project in the Current Projects board, or you can select something that has not yet been started in Danish from the global "Open for Translations" section of the forum. That section is the master list of everything within our care that has been prepared for translations by the English Department (the first step for every project).

I certainly recognize that some of this may seem a bit overwhelming at first, no matter how we try to present it, but rest assured that it's actually quite simple once you understand the overall approach. Just take it one step at a time, and you'll quickly pick up everything you need to help us spread awareness and understanding to the Danish people of the world. ;)

So just reply back to this when you have decided what you would like to start with, or if you have any additional questions that I can answer for you. I am fully at your service, and very glad that you are here. :loveya:
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