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Sunday, February 15th 2015, 8:20pm

Great suggestions. We are currently testing the use of forced newlines for a shown subtitle message in some German subtitle projects.

00:00:06,184 --> 00:00:08,763
(Jacque Fresco) Years ago, I used to ask people

00:00:08,903 --> 00:00:11,236
“Do you think we'll ever get to the Moon?”

I think that it would be better, more natural and easier for eye to read, if it goes like this

00:00:06,184 --> 00:00:11,236
(Jacque Fresco) Years ago, I used to ask people:
“Do you think we'll ever get to the Moon?”

In addition we should always keep in mind that the English transcript is mainly there for the translators and that it should help them translating. Because there are languages like German which use 1/3 or even 1/2 more characters/words per sentence to say the same thing as is said in English we should not choose to make the English transcript too long or you might not see the picture anymore in translated subtitles.
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