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Wednesday, February 27th 2019, 9:42pm

Jacque Fresco - Corruption & Deception -=Scrolling Transcript Trailer=-

Full lecture (51 minutes) is available in three formats:
- Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript:…deo-transcript/
- Audio:…eception-audio/
- Transcript:…ion-transcript/

In this lecture, Jacque Fresco describes how corruption and deception can enter into personal and social life in a variety of ways. He discusses how statistics can be used to conceal information and misconstrue facts, how difficult it is to achieve honesty in politics and government, deceptive product packaging, the deceptive tactics of lawyers, manipulation of the public by government and business, exploitation of workers by businesses, abuse of power by police, and fraudulent beginnings of religions. Fresco emphasizes the importance of testing claims, understanding the relationship of the environment to human behavior, and maintaining quality control. ( 02:09 )

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