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Wednesday, February 27th 2019, 10:27pm

Jacque Fresco - Inadequacy of Language -=Scrolling Transcript Trailer=-

Full lecture (55 minutes) is available in three formats:
- Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript:…deo-transcript/
- Audio:…language-audio/
- Transcript:…age-transcript/

Jacque Fresco seeks a definition of the term "information" and concludes that something is informative relative to a person's background. Fresco further explores the problem of excess elaboration and information noise, the idea of simulating information as a form of deception, and the practice of developing esoteric languages. Other discussion pertains to the faster process of thinking vs the slower process of writing. A key idea in this lecture involves finding "a method of communication that has no prejudice in it". This is answered by concluding that "instrumentation" (standardized measurement) can form the basis for clarity of communication between multiple viewpoints. ( 04:13 )

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